Why should I hire a property management company?

When starting the process of leasing your property, one of the first questions is likely, “Should I hire a property management company?”. There are many benefits to hiring professional property managers to take care of your investment. 

Pricing Your Property

It can be difficult to put a price on your home. You know it’s value to you, but the market might say different. Property Owners often make the mistake of pricing their home too low, or too high. If your price is too low, you won’t make the most out of your investment. If the price is too high, you could have trouble renting your home. Hiring a professional property management company comes with years of experience working in the market and providing the proper research to accurately price your home for renting.


It’s an unfortunate reality that renting your home can carry some risks. Contract errors, evictions, home repairs, rude tenants, or rent collection are all areas that can be difficult to navigate without experience. Even the most tenured landlords can struggle with these aspects of renting their property. A property management company works as a middle man, ensuring both parties are treated fairly and all transactions are handled appropriately.

A professional property manager knows the legal leasing contract and can ensure it is executed properly. Your property manager will handle money collection, deposits, contracts, and if need be, evictions. Not to mention the emergency repair calls that come at all times of the day!

How Perla’s Properties can help you!

Perla and Ed Whitaker take personal care of each of their landlords properties. With years of experience in property management, you will be in good hands. At Perla’s Properties, you know your call will be answered! You are not just a number.

Here’s what hiring Perla’s Properties provides you:

•Knowing who to call when your unit needs cleaning, painting, or repairs.

•Advertise, field numerous rental calls and show the property.

•Screen applicants.

•Execute a legal leasing agreement, adding addendum’s if necessary, fill out the move-in move out inspection report, and deposit and disperse all monies.

•Receive tenant calls at all hours of the day and night including weekends.

•Confront tenants on tough issues like collecting rent, posting the premises or taking better care of the property.

•Collection non sufficient funds, checks and late fees.

•Serving legal notices or start the eviction process if necessary.

•Mail the tenant’s security deposit or submit a claim against it within the legal required time frame.

Ready to rent your property? We can help!